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RANCAI PRO Cosmetics Cleaner

RANCAI PRO Cosmetics Cleaner

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STREAMLINE your makeup routine with our NEW and REVULTIONISED Portable Brush Cleaner. Offering a 3-in-1 function that effectively cleans and dries your Cosmetic brushes in a Simple Three Step Process, starting by connecting your brush to the spinner, pouring Lukewarm water and soap into the bowl, and immersing/rotating for a thorough clean, making cleansing highly efficient for optimal results. RANCAI PRO ensures an enjoyable and effortless cleaning experience, rather than a Burdensome Chore. 



"Where has this been all my life?" - Alexandra. L




RANCAI Benefits:

  • 💄 Enjoy a Leisurely Cleaning: The Automated Makeup Brush Cleaner is designed to provide you with an effortless and stress-free cleaning experience. Say goodbye to sore hands and backaches after spending hours cleaning your makeup brushes at the sink!
  • 👄 Effective Cleaning: Makeup brush cleaner has sufficient power with high-speed rotating water flow, combined with the cleaning column and makeup brush cleaner solution, can effectively clean 98% of the makeup residue and dirt inside the cosmetic brush. Rest assured that our silicone cleaning bowl will not damage the shape and softness of your precious makeup brushes bristles.
  • 💅 Easy & Worry-Free Operation: There is no need for assembly or batteries, and you don't need to worry about electric leakage. This makeup brush cleaner features a one-button switch design, allowing you to simply plug and play to start the hassle-free cleaning process. You can flexibly adjust the angle of the makeup brushes while cleaning or simply just let them sit and let the sophisticated cleaner do all the work!
  • 💁‍♀️ Effortless Cleaning: Automated brush cleaner can be used to clean almost all types of cosmetic products, such as cream-based makeup, liquid foundation or blush, powder, and eyeliner. The silicone brush cleaner bowl is compatible with all types of cosmetics, such as Kabuki brush, foundation brush, contour brush, concealer brush, and eyeshadow brush.
  • 👠 Brushes and Healthy Skin: Experts recommend cleaning your makeup brushes every two weeks to protect and help prolong their lifespan. Additionally, keeping your makeup brush clean can prevent any residue buildup on your cosmetic brushes promoting healthy skin. RANCAI PRO is specifically designed to quickly and effectively remove product build-up and bacteria. Keeping your makeup brushes in tiptop condition for flawless application every time, allowing you to enjoy your beauty routine. 


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