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Multi-Functional Massage Roller

Multi-Functional Massage Roller

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The 6 Wheel Massage Roller is great for a deep therapeutic massage. With Flexibility and Pressure to your choice, can penetrate into muscles for the most effective relief, leaving you feeling invigorated and rested. The massage roller promotes blood circulation and helps you fight fatigue. Take it with your anywhere and enjoy the benefits and pleasure while feeling relaxation.

Relieve Neck Stiffness and Muscle Pain Soreness as the three pair of trigger point softballs can provide deep tissue relaxation massage to all parts of your body when you squeeze the handles, the force intensity is under your control. It insures to release the tight, stiff and aching muscles that just seem so painful. Using safely Boosts Circulation & Blood Flow all while being Pain Free!

If You Have Long Hair we suggest pinning the hair up before using it to insure it not sticking.


  • Upgraded 6 Wheel Rolling Ball Manual Neck Massager rolling in 360° smoothly, it brings a good therapeutic massage and relaxing experience comparing to the old design {fix ball} Neck Massager.
  • Tripple Soft balls are removable and washable, and the handle is plastic finished. Enlarge Massage Contacting Area at 360° for relaxing different body parts like the Face, Neck, Back, Thighs and Legs.
  • Multi-Functional Massager Tool Mimics Real-Life Therapist Hands but even Better and Cheaper! Relieving your Fatigue and Muscle Pain. Improving your Sleeping Quality, Maintaining good Day to Day Physical Health. Buy Yours Now!

Product Information:
Color: Blue
Specification: 1 Pack
Dimensions: 35cm X 18cm
Material: Durable Plastic
Categories: Health and Wellness Massage
Applicable Object: Unisex

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