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180ML Essential Ultrasonic Humidifier

180ML Essential Ultrasonic Humidifier

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This diffuser features an ultrasonic humidifier and an advanced atomizer for an effective, long-lasting fragrance release. Enjoy a range of therapeutic benefits, like improved sleep and air quality. Can be used in Living area at home, Office, Car and bedroom keeping humidity levels balanced in your environment for comfort all while smelling amazing!

 Product Information:

  • 💎 Rejuvenate/Soothe the senses: Thanks to the innovative ultrasonic system, it creates an ultra-fine mist that emits up to 20ml per hour. Relieve stress, let the tired body relax after a day's work, enjoy yourself, and promote sleep, the soft light brings you a romantic company at night.
  • 💎 Auto shutdown setting: The smart aromatherapy humidifier has a built-in water-free monitor, which will automatically stop working as soon as the water runs out, providing you with better protection, Leaving no room for potential safety risks on household usage.
  • 💎 Ultrasonic Humidifier: Presenting a realistic effect bringing a romantic atmosphere at night. The flames replicate a comfortable burning just like in a fireplace. With unique noise reduction technology, noise of the diffuser can be controlled below 24dB, At This Specific Frequency you have a better quality of sleep, work and study creating a perfect mediative state, thus making it a must have!
  • 💎 Portable & Multiple-purpose Usage With convenient and portable design. The diffuser is easy to carry. In return of proper usage, it can be a professional decoration for your office and room. It has other uses for home, office, gym, living room, yoga. It also a nice warming gift for your friends, family!
  • 💎 Long operational time of 9-12 hours with cool mist in the air keeps you away from the dry air condition, preventing dry skin, chapped lips and feeling uncomfortable in humid conditions. You would never want it off! (essential oils not included)


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