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3D LED Digital Clock Wall Deco with Adjustable Night Mode

3D LED Digital Clock Wall Deco with Adjustable Night Mode

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Unleash your sophisticated taste with the 3D LED Digital Clock Wall Deco. Featuring a sleek design, adjustable settings, and glowing night mode, this electronic table/wall mounted clock is the ideal decoration for any living room. Keep track of time with confidence while having a visually appealing piece of decor


  • ⏰ Practicality and aesthetic appeal
  • 🕓 Versatile and stylish piece of decor
  •  ↻ Memory Mode 
  • ⩇⩇:⩇⩇ Time, 🌡️ Temperature, 🗓️ Year and Month Display 
  • 💡 Automatic Night Mode Light Dimming

Memory Mode: When new battery is installed, Smart Clock will automatically remember previous settings.

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